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Make use of free tech stuff, ebook and tutorial at

I came across a great website which is one of the leading tech news and advice website. The site offers easy to use tips, tricks, and techniques to make maximum use of your devices – a PC, a laptop, mobile, or a tablet. The site has a section of Free Stuff, which provides you following free items. 

1. Free Ebooks
2. Giveaways
3. Tops Lists
4. Free Cheatsheet

The videos sections list videos on hardware reviews and tips & tricks. The videos are worth watching. My favorite video is “10 eBay SCAMS You Should Know About!” under the Tips and Tricks section.
I hope you will find the site helpful for your tech need and any useful tips to make your life easy. 
I got a deal on The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle at just 60$ instead of the original price of 3,486$. If you want to start a career in Cybersecurity, you can also avail the above offer at 


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What about Selenium ecosystem as SaaS?

I am happy to share that recently I came across a Free Test Automation Platform built on cloud and well supported by a large testing community. The platform is called TestProject which is based on Selenium ecosystem. When I started analyzing the platform, I found it worth giving a try and also to know more about the open-source system.
The three things which I really liked about the TestProject are:
The tool and platform is free to use and right fit for the Agile way of workingThe platform is built on "Anybody can automate" conceptThe running force behind the whole ecosystem is WE - our testing community In the coming weeks and 2020, I will be sharing more information on how to get started on TestProject.
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When you open Quality center, depending on your rights it display the below mentioned option in the sidebar:
1. Requirements
2. Test Plan
3. Test Lab
4. Defects
5. Dashboard
2.Requirements When you have assigned with the responsibility of developing your test cases in the quality center then you must be wondering where to start with. I am going to share my experience to overcome such a situation.
You need to find the solution of some question before you start writing your test cases.
1. Is your requirement developed and available?
2. Is your requirement organized in a logical sequence?
If answer to both of the above question is Yes, then you can start with Requirement option in the side bar. In case your requirement is under development, then you keep your requirement upda…